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Maryland Eviction Attorney

Our law firm handles the eviction of consumer and commercial tenants throughout the State of Maryland. Since 1992, our eviction attorney and staff have had a tremendous amount of experience in Landlord Tenant Law, from dealing with tenants who are delinquent in their lease agreement through the eviction process and subsequent collection of damages and unpaid leasing fees or rent by the tenant or occupant.

The eviction of a tenant or occupant from their apartment or business premises is generally not something that anyone wants to see happen but it is a necessary legal process when your tenant refuses to or simply can't afford to pay what they owe. Our eviction
attorney helps landlords regain access to the leased premises from the tenant or occupant via legal process through the court system. It is important that you use an attorney who is highly experienced in the Maryland eviction process to handle your evictions.

As a landlord, leasing or management company in Maryland, attempting to evict a tenant or occupant from their premises can be a daunting task if not handled properly according to the state laws. Civil liability to the tenant and even criminal prosecution can be invoked if the landlord uses self-eviction measures that are not in line with the law. Utilizing the legal services of a trained and experienced Maryland eviction
attorney such as Neal J. Markowitz, Esq., will provide you with quick and efficient professional results.

If you need an experienced eviction
attorney in Maryland to assist with the eviction of your tenants or occupants, you should consider the legal services offered by our firm. As stated above, you should not attempt the process of evicting someone yourself. We are experienced in Landlord Tenant Law for both commercial and residential evictions. We have very competitive rates and provide excellent service and support to ensure that your interests are always protected.

Neal J. Markowitz, Esq., and his staff provide quick and efficient legal services to serve your eviction and collection needs in the State of Maryland. If you are an apartment owner, apartment management company or a commercial landlord or leasing company, please contact the Markowitz Law Group at (301) 588-5906 and let us help you with your Landlord Tenant evictions and collections. Please note our eviction and collection coverage below throughout the State of Maryland.



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