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Bel Air South, Maryland Collection Attorney

The Markowitz Law Group provides consumer and commercial debt collection services and aggressive litigation on collection claims in Bel Air South, Maryland. As a collection attorney, Mr. Markowitz has fine tuned his collection strategy and techniques through many years of experience since opening his law firm in 1992.  He aggressively collects on all Bel Air South bad debt collection claims whether consumer or commercial based, utilizing litigation when necessary, only with approval from the client. 

All collection laws, whether through the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act or the State of Maryland, are fully complied with in all debt collection proceedings administered by our law firm.  The reputation that we have in the Collection Industry as a Bel Air South collection provider is one that is highly regarded and well respected by our peers.

As a Bel Air South collection law firm, both our attorney and staff understand the importance of expeditious debt collection and the utilization of all of our legal resources to attain the highest recovery rate possible for all collection clients. Our collection staff is dedicated to liquidating every collection claim received by our firm through the use of perseverance, persistence and professionalism. Of course, we don't collect every debt collection claim but we certainly make every effort to do so, in addition to providing superior service and support for our valued clientele.

Our Bel Air South collection attorney service achieves great results, the type of results you are looking for. The type of results that makes a difference in your profit margin. Our collection and litigation services are geared to quickly recover potential losses and to prevent your company from sustaining financial setbacks due to your bad debt accounts receivable.

With our collection attorney service, we cover the entire state and can easily handle all of your debt collection needs in the Bel Air South area. Let us design a customized collection campaign to suit your company needs.

Although, we are not a Bel Air South collection agency, we are a collection law firm with an experienced collection attorney who has the capability of litigating accounts throughout the Bel Air South legal system. This enables our collection firm to achieve a higher than average recovery rate for our clients. Our collection attorney and staff are immensely dedicated and highly responsible professionals in the Collection Industry. We are results oriented, determined and dependable. 

Our Bel Air South collection law firm provides a well seasoned collection attorney and staff, competitive rates, excellent service, support and results, that we feel helps to elevate our firm to one of the better choices in Bel Air South to collect your bad debt claims.  



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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Markowitz Law Group, LLC is a debt collector and is attempting to collect a debt. 

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